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"On Behalf of our company, I would like to thank the organizers of the 2015PSE expo for it being a success. Also, I would like to thank every attendee for coming by our booth and taking our information. I hope to do business with all the attendee's organizations in the near future." Thank You!!" 

Paul Walters

Principal and Developer


This company formed in August 2014,  is driven by the use downloadable mobile Apps  to make a better society. The Apps created will assist in the exchange of information to make situations and societies enhanced. The company is also a certified veteran owned small business (VOSB), and active (SAM) U.S Government System of Award Management vendor.

This company has a registered trademarked downloadable mobile App called Crime Helper App which can be used by law enforcement and security agencies , public or private, college or universities, to assist them  in communication such as tips, and reports of crimes or incidents  from the public to help inform them. Social Media is used by allowing the public or college students the ability to  share pictures or video directly with the social media accounts of the law enforcement, college or university police, and security  agencies  that has a version of the App by clicking the links provided in the share icon.

The public may also have the opportunity to report misconduct with the use of this App. Push Notifications are also available with this App. Allowing law enforcement,  college or university police, and security agencies the ability  to send out notifications such as descriptions of vehicles or persons that law enforcement, security agencies, and college or university police  wants the public or students  to watch out for to everyone that has a version of the Crime Helper App. This  feature can be in just words, and also can  have a picture included.

The Crime Helper App is currently  in the Google play store and windows store. It is also  in the Apple app store and in BlackBerry App World. 

If your law enforcement agency or security company is interested in attaining a version of the Crime Helper App. Please go to our  contact page and  fill out the form to inform us that your organization  is  interested and would like a full demonstration of the Crime Helper App at your agency  or company's location. The cost for a version of the Crime Helper App will be cost effective for your law enforcement or security agency, and college or university police.  Contact our company on our contact page for further information.